Mulatschak - Musik im Beisl

Hotel Balkan

WE ARE INTERNATIONAL: As we witness the melting of world cultures, we see endless musical possibilities that this contact gives us. 
THE MUSIC is made for dance, love, peace and good mood. Hotel Balkan plays original catchy melodies and energetic rhythms - high energy guaranteed. 
THE MISSION is to create an atmosphere that gives audiences an opportunity to take a break, have a drink, dance, and enjoy life. Hotel Balkan creates an authentic “Opa – Tzupa Vibe” which has the power of provoking good mood. 
THE PHILOSOPHY: Hotel Balkan supports the neo – optimistic social movement and chooses to look at the bright side of globalization. Being a true international band, they enjoy melting some music in their free time. 


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Mulatschak - Musik im Beisl